Taglish - even before


i read from the internet this conversation in taglish ( this is from Butch article in Philippine Star), so meaning even before pa more than 20 years ago, they know the "conio" language..

Ariel: O, Tina, you look so ganda today.
Tina: I’m not really feeling well today. I feel sick. (Jokingly) Sick and tired of Ariel.
June: In that case, it’s me and Ariel na lang who will do the show. You go away na.
Ariel: But even if she’s may sakit, ‘no, she’s ganda pa din, di ba?
June: Sayang. You didn’t see her in the fashion show in MalacaƱang last night. Tina was modeling and the other models made apak-apak on her cape.

reading the above conversation, it makes me smile and make tawa.. lolz


Fjordan Allego said...

kahapon, nang minsang matutuok ko sa PBO yung remote ng TV, sa isang movie ni Ramon Revilla Sr., may nagsabi sa kanya ng 'Goodluck! sa pagggamot niya.. napaisip lang ako, even bfore pa pala, sanay na ang mga PIlipino na hinahaluan ng english terms ang mga conversations natin...


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