24 hours awake!


yep yep.. since my shift last night, i am officially 24 hours awake. why oh why? last night we had a shift for 8-9 hours in the office, so we went out around 9 am to go to the embassy of the Philippines. i went there just to know where is it located here in Malaysia and another thing that ive accomplished was i registered myself to the absentee voting. i dont know how it works but i still need to wait for the voters id that will be coming from Manila.

next stop was lunch. chilli's in Suria LCC is the place. had a great lunch and talk with the guys. after lunch was over, we went inside the mall and yes, went shopping. i bought pants from Lee, polo shirt from Adidas and another Polo Shirt from Padini (local brand i think). then i also bought a facial bar soap from Clinique and i think its not expensive for 78 RM to think that i can use that for 6 months. so more or less 20 RM per month will be consumed by my face for the bar soap. :)

after that, had a snack at A&W. Coke Float!! Coke Float.. lolz. went to M&S but the lotion and the piece of cloth im looking for is not available. tsktsk..

anyways, there are other shops that we checked out. after that, we went straight ahead to the train station and from other train station, we took a cab going home.. :)

thats it for now, im so sleepy.. night!