new layout / update


hep! i've got a new lay out. though it ate a lot of my time before finally i ended up using this theme. nto bad naman right? well, i really need to sleep na cause its already 10:21 pm (SCX time) and i still have work for tomorrow.

there are still changes that needs to be done on my blog. and i know that I MISSED A LOT OF ENTRIES here!!! oh well, as my favorite expression nowadays - WHAT TO DO?! im so busy with work and i just wanna sleep and take a rest.

this job that i do have right now is kinda tough. i dont know. but i know that i can do the job given with the right training and the right people. its so hard when you dont know when to go to and you need to make a decision right away. and most importantly, you dont know if that is still part of your job. well, what to do, lah! lolz

oh well, i just wanna thank my Lord God for taking care of me and giving me such talent to cope up with my work, i know that sometimes i neglect Him but deep in my heart, He's my bestfriend and the only one that i can run to any time.

so till next time guys!

here are the list/entries that i need to place in my blog:

1. checking at Sunway Resort and transferring to Sunway Duplex
2. Sunway Theme Park getaway
3. Genting Highlands
4. Perhentian Island
5. shopping at Low Yat
6. new environment
7. PEOPLE! lolz.. madami akong kwento dito..

sana di ako tamarin ulit. hehehe.. uu nga pala, im using my office laptop kasi shinutdown ko na ung personal laptop ko, kasi dapat my work akong gagawin eh wala pa palang 12 midnight sa US so hindi ko pa puedeng gawin ung work ko.

oki doki! byers! salamat sa pagbisita.. dont worry guys, aayusin ko pa ung mga link ko.. mga KUYA at ATE, wait lang po ah... pasensya na po talaga. :)