just an update


i know that its been more than 2 weeks or so that i dont have any update here on my blog. sorry cause im busy with my work. well, i dont have enough time to think of what to write in here. and as of the moment i am working on night shift. my daily routine is different from the normal peepz.

okay, ill give the update na this time.
for this weekend, yesterday we went out and had a videoke session with our trainors. it happened in Sunway Pyramid Mall. we left the place around 2 in the morning. the past weekend, i am in Genting, that time only with one trainor - Jeremy. next week, we'll be out of town because we will go to the beach and we will ride the plane this time. spending much? dont have money na till next sweldo. lolz..

im still up this time cause i will be doing some work at home pero i need to wait pa for sometime kasi i need to connect to VPN from here, eh someone is using the VPN now so kakainin ung bandwidth sa house. so wait lang..

i slept yesterday for 12 hrs straight. beat that! lolz. kasi naman i never had a long sleep - i mean 10 hours or more - in a day kasi dahil sa training.

so pano? till next time na lagn. i will update you a more detailed post next time.

ay uu nga pala, i do have a new eyeglass. hehehe.. i chose it over oakley brand. mas mura ng 1k sa oakley pero i love the design. ung oakley next time ko ng bibilhin. ahaha.. win win solution kasi ginawa ko so that i can have both brand and design. by the way, its davidoff brand. ;) ciao!


Micamyx said...

Miss na kita :P

RJ said...

Mukhang abala ngunit enjoy naman sa bagong trabaho, ah! o",)