the textmate


sometimes when i dont know the sender of the message that comes in on my phone, i just ignore it. especially those "hi poh!. musta na u". it was like so high school. hahahhaa.. and it seems that the sender is just a little bit kid minded. i was really off on those kind of text messages. well, maybe i just matured a little bit in handling my phone and on using it. my days on textmates are over.

it was monday night when it triggered to me that i need to do something with this texter. kasi naman, i was having a fever and im not feeling good and im having a good rest/sleep suddenly magigising lang ako sa call nitong di ko kilalang tao? so sabi ko babalikan kita...

so kagabi nga naganap iyon. nagtext na naman kasi. so i pretend na i have a gf and my gf is the one sending text messages to her. and so i use the english language to ask her if she knows me personally. ang sagot nya. yes he know you. sabi ko huh? so i sent another text message to her asking kung naintindihan ba nya un or do i need to translate the whole text message into straight tagalog. i know im bad okay? but im not the one who started it. so she replied na "ur so mayabang".

so my last text message to her. on people like you. and please stop sending text messages, etc etc.

good thing di na cya sumagot.. hahahaha.. gusto nyo ba ng textmate? eto number nya!
09263719229 lolz!


RJ said...

Baka reader din siya nitong Geeky Thoughts, bro. o",)

david said...

eh di makikita nya din ung number nya kuya! hahaha