my weekend


okay, this is what i did on my weekend:

saturday - went to MOA to watch a movie. Inkheart and Status: Single are the two movies that was shown one after the other. so for me not to waste time in waiting, i decided to watched this movies. after watching i went home and dropped by at mercury drug to buy my toiletries. and also i bought some ice cream and junk foods.. hehehe

sunday - met Margz (my college friend) in Shangrila Plaza and also bought a book that cost me 450. after meeting in shangrila we went to Trinoma. ate at Teriyaki boy - had chicken and maki for my brunch. we roamed around the mall and finding something that we can buy. we also went to The Block and checked out the stores. so what i bought? i have a new leather sandals and 2 new contact lenses ^_^. went home around (i just got home! lolz).. 8:30 pm.

and about my expenses - okay. i spent a lot. i know. i need to be thrifty again. hahaha.. eh kasi naman .. wala lang.. basta gusto ko ng umalis ng pinas. un lang for now.. ;)


denis said...

sunday= that's wen i saw u with a girl yiheeeee.

Mac Callister said...

you watch those movies alone?how come there's no date?hehehe