of Globe and Sony Ericsson

okay, first thing first. i got a new phone ayt? A Sony Ericsson w960i. Its good, i mean when you check the image, the phone model, the rating, it will bypassed some of the high end phones. And this one will meet most of my needs im looking for in a phone (PDA). and before i bought it, i "googled" the internet and looked for a PDA phone or the likes unit. i compared it to PDA phones manufactured by HP, Dopod, HTC and the least, NOKIA. i can say that between the phones that i've checked, the Sony Ericsson passed my standard.

Design, Capability, Speed, Functionality. Based on ratings, its exceeds the passing grade and almost make it to the highest. And i just love Sony Ericsson, that my phone will last for years.

And now lets talk about Globe. I have this prepaid number that im using for four or five years already. This is my number ever since my collage days. And on my old textmate days.. lolz!.

Some of my friends told me that they cannot reached me on my mobile. I did not put any attention to it, since i can receive text messages from them and from all - bible verses everyday, subscriptions to globe, etc etc. And lastly, i can make a call.. So how come they cant contact me on my number.

Last night, when a friend of mine tried to make an overseas call, the person told me that my number is not working. That was the time i reported it to Globe. I dont know what happened to this stuff. All i know is that this number is working perfectly fine.

What i found out when i talked to the CSR of Globe is that my roaming services are still active? How come? Im in the country na since June and from that time I already made calls. hmm, something is wrong. I said to the agent that i called before to deactivate it. And i already called them twice because of another problem and the agent also found out that my roaming services are active. This will be the third time they will be deactivating it.

Right now, i need to wait 3 to 7 days on the report of the Technical Team of Globe what went wrong on my account to them. All the agent (as always) is "sorry for the inconvenience it costs you", sigh..

Last thing, maybe that is also the reason why i cannot use my phone as a modem. 
Tip: when using your prepaid number in Internet connection (when your phone is capable - meaning it comes with modem - and u can use it as one), you need to register the number to Globe so they will grant access to the number for you to surf the internet.

i have 3g network and i can connect to the gateway, but my homepage isnt loading. weird huh. dont know why. i need to fix it one by one. For now, i need to fix my account with Globe.

btw, i asked them if i can have a line with them but with the same number (actually i already know that it wasnt possible, but i was just trying my luck) and my knowledge serves me right. well, i told them that i always got a problem when i go back here in the country with their roaming services.  
So this is it for now. my account on Globe to be fixed.
last thing, a lot of customers of Globe are i think having problems with their Iphone. i wonder why? cause i've read from other sites that they always have a problem with it, especially with Globe.
And the big question now is, WHY oh WHY? Globe, can your ever loyal customers get an answer from you?

DO we need to switch now to other Networks? tsktsk.. sayang naman ang pitong taon nating pinagsamahan..


White said...

same old stuff with Globe (I'm a postpaid subscriber) and the rest of the telcos. they're bad at customer service when it comes to technical problems.

MakMak said...

I, on the other hand, <3 Globe.