WordCamp Philippines 2008

Since my mga nababasa na rin naman akong post regarding sa event na ito, why not try it di ba? When was the last time ba na i attended a training with regards dun sa mga programming language? Well, i dont expect what will happen, but what i know and for sure my madadagdag na kaalaman na naman sa kin when i join this one. Eh this time im doing a step by step self improvement, sama na rin natin ito. :D

And well, iyong network ng blogger friends ko is madagdagan who turned real friends? hehhhe..

Thanks to Mindanao Bloggers na nag organize nito, and if you want to register click this link WordCamp Philippines 2008.

And also thank you to the sponsors:

So yan, kita kits na lang. :D


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migs said...

Thank you for registering for WordCamp Philippines!

You will be receiving your camper pass via email soon.

For updates, please visit http://philippines.wordcamp.org
and/or subscribe to its feeds: http://feeds.feedburner.com/wcphils

See you in WordCamp!

on behalf of WordCamp Philippines Organizers