blogging from tom bradley international airport

after two plane ride from Tallahassee to LA, i am really exhausted. with only more than 3 hours of sleep since last night, i dont have the enough stamina to be fully alive most of the travel time.

good thing though that on the flight itself we did not experience any problem.

my only problem is my luggage. as ive said before, i've already sent two boxes of stuff back to the philippines (that was my stuff), but then when im packing my things one by one and bought all the "pabili", it seems that i am over baggage. ive tried my very best and hope that it will fit in my two big luggages (which is 70 lbs allowable each). to my dismay, its not. im having a hard time with this one last night. after giving up that it will not really fit in, i decided to call the Delta airlines and asked about the fee for the excess baggage. And they said that i will be charged 80$ for the third luggage that i will checked-in. So after hearing that words, i decided to have third checked-in luggage. We went to Walmart at around 1 am and bought my third luggage.

And when we went back to the hotel and i to my room, i immediately unpacked the two luggages and distributed the heavy stuff to my three big bags. after more than 30 minutes of making magic and performing the art of packing, i have now my 3 luggages ready for checked-in on my next day flight.

Flight day at the airport, good thing that they have the luggage scale in the outside of the building, so i still made adjustment to the 2 bags since the other one is 71 lbs and the other is 68 lbs. On the Delta counter, i told the lady in-charge that i will have 3 checked-in luggage and i will just pay for the fee. I also told her that i called Delta airline a night before to know the charge for my extra luggage. To my dissapointment, the 80$ fee is for the excess baggage and not for the extra checked-in luggage. So how much did i pay? a 150$ that i am unwilling to pay but i have no choice. i was there and those stuff inside are for other people.

so, with all those inevitable and never expected expenses, i think i will not be having my salary for the next two months?.. sigh. i just really bought a lot. oh my.

come to think of it. 2 big boxes full of my stuff, then 3 more big luggages full of stuff, more than half of it for other people and the remaining to myself. how much did i spend on this trip? i dont wanna know how much. its okay to know that i will pay.

i will just sell my previous laptop. and just made an additional for my expenses.

right now, im here inside the building for international flights, foodcourt section. we just had our dinner here.
just waiting for the gate to open for PR103 flight going back to Manila.

DavidEdward signing off...


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great blog... -allen