New Life.. Welcome to 2008!

Happy new Year sa lahat.. ayan.. i cant remember na the last time i posted an entry here.. medyo nawawala na ang atensyon ko dito. anyways, as ive said to myseld, i want this year to be different. aayusin ko ung mga nagulong parte ng buhay ko nung 2007. meaning? kakausapin ko na ang tatay ko, tatapusin na kung ano ang dapat tapusin na usapin.. kung totoong tinakwil nya ko or what.. even its a fact i dont know why am not bothered.. maybe cguro kung sa lola ko pa nangyari un, im gonna do everything for her to forgive me (even if wala akong ginawang mali).. i miss my lola na.. i feel that i dont have any family. ewan ko din, why im feeling this way.

After my father issue, the next thing is my brother and cousins issue. I need to talk to them na and air my side. For almost a year that they are throwing bad words to me, i keep my silence up to this moment. I never tell my reasons to them only to my friends. Im so thankful sa lahat ng friends ko.

After that issue, next is the reunion na cguro ng mga college friends and classmates ko. ako na daw mag aayos sabi ng Dean namin. hay, miss ko na kayo kung alam nyo lang.. i need you guys.. i want to have a simple life.. waaa.. pag kayo kasama ko parang feeling ko totoo akong tao.. na im just an ordinary guy. basta iba ung feeling.. ma'am alley miss ko na po kayo.

next, ung career ko naman.. actually im doing something na about it. pero di pa pedeng sabihin. all i can say is i need to be thrifty na. no coffee breaks. last coffee na ung kanina - for the meantime. a lot of things are happening. and i dont know the reason yet or maybe im not opening my mind to see the reasons. ill try one day to re-assess all of it. need to rest na rin.

sobrang stress ko na.. parang i need to go back into simple life. can i stay in your house ba? for 4 days lang oh.. hehehe

basta. my friends from high school and elementary, i miss you all guys!


ladybug said...

Hey, happy new year and I hope this year would turn out ok for us. Good luck sa mga decisions kailangan nating gawin.

kyels said...

Happy New Year Kuya!

Good luck in making decisions and I'm sure God will give you a way na.