uber busy


another rant about whats happening with me lately..

present time: 8:30 pm
location: office cubicle..

im still here in the office, doing some codes with my another new map. yep. i have a new map just this afternoon. recalling the projects that i have this week:
Monday - New Map for Bakkavor - deadline on tuesday but still on pending because of some queries re: DCTS codes.
- New Map for Henkel HE (IFTSTA) pending for coding - deadline Monday
Tuesday - New Map for Bakkavor - received answers from my query, replied with another query :)
- New map for Henkel HE (IFTSTA), started coding and setting up the TG, xref table and everything needed.
- sent my queries re: IFTSTA map

Wednesday - Pending new map for Bakkavor
- first submission of new map (IFTSTA) for functional testing by QA person
- Change Request for Henkel CN, sent map for output approval to analyst

Thursday - Pending new map for Bakkavor
- re: submission of IFSTA map, new set up on the TG and xref tables, updated mapping codes
- Henkel CN, sent map for implementation
- Henkel Retrofit CR, sent map for functional testing by QA person
- received New map for Henkel HE. deadline Nov. 6. but will send to QA by tomorrow.
- completed mapping codes on Henkel HE new map.

Friday - trick or Treat in the office

and oh, im not complaining bout my work ah.. its just that i want to be loaded "always". And i always ask for a new map and not for a Change Request. I need to be loaded and be very busy for me not to think of my personal problems. its still the same. family problem..

and wala, para maging bibo lang minsan.. hahaha.. kailangan quota sa number of maps though i know na quota na ko till the end of year(?)..

aun,, right now im not feeling well. sakit ng utak ko.. nasobrahan ata. then kanina we went sa Makro and bought a lot of candies for tomorrows trick or Treat. i have my own candies d2 sa katabi kong cube since wala namang naka upo. anyone can get candies if you want.

so tomorrow, i dont know. be very busy again and play with kids? hehehe..

but right now, i wanna eat. ung may sabaw. actually im thinking of Maxs, sinigang na hipon.. hahaha..

mejo tired na rin kasi ako.. i need to regain my strength..
so pano? till next time! ciao..

david edward signing off!


Virginia said...

di ka naman busy no?!