im so exhausted with the whole day shopping that we did at the Prime Outlet in Hagerstown, MD. sobrang nanakit ung paa ko kakalakad from here and to the other end. but at the end, we ended entering most of the shops in the whole area. yep. we did roamed in every street. and of course, i love myself again. i bought a lot of shirts and long sleeves (waaa, my weakness.. then jackets! another weakness).. and i also bought watches as pasalubong to my brothers. okay na un kesa wala. hehheeh.. in the end, i ended up spending 395$ in all of my stuffs. hay.. bahala na si batman kay edward pano ko ibabalik ng pilipinas lahat ng ito. i just wish the price here would be the same price as we have in the pinas. but hindi eh. so un. i enjoyed naman. sobrang enjoy! hahaha.. :D

pero tamad ako tumayo. nakatulog nga ako sa car pabalik ng hotel eh. hehehe..