the day that it happened...


it was last feb 5 of this year when i heard something that changed something in me. Not all of me has changed, but just a part. i was so excited then because the next day, i will go to Bolinao. my team leader sent me a text message asking me what time i will be going in the office that night - i was on night shift for two weeks then. i told her that in 5 mins ( that was 6 pm) i will leave our house and went to the office. so i replied on her text and asked why? but she did not tell me anything. so i just go to the office and feeling exited about the next day activity. when i got in the office, i immediately go to my TL's cube and asked her what is it about the text. and she told me that we will go to the room of our Project Manager. ah ok. at that very moment, walang pumapasok sa isip ko, i dont know what to think of, why this thing is happening. but actually i really dont know the reason why im gonna there. whats going to happened on that night, because what i felt on that same night is excitement because of the trip that were heading the next day. so we entered that room - we, its not only me. im with jaja (jologsqueen). so we sat in front of the table and the meeting began. they said that there will be some of our team members that will be going out of the country and will go to our HQ. well, okay. no problem with me. but the most shocking part is - that we are the other two that will be joining the other. ah okay. i did not expect it and im not expecting anything nor i never heard about it. okay. explanation came in. blah blah and more blah. and we are given 2 days over the weekend to think about the offer. okay. but actually my mindset is still focused on Bolinao trip. the whole night i was so excited about our coming adventure and we were making kulitan inside the office. ( for clarity lang po - im not a call center agent ). okay. so the next day at 5:30 we are all set and we were just waiting for the 6 am for us to go out. so we went to bolinao and im not thinking about what they've told me. i enjoyed the place and relax. but the next day, sunday when were on our way going to Dagupan, i text ate to told her about the offer and she didnt allow me to go where i am right now. i was a little disappointment, yeah i admit that i felt it that time. but okay. its your decision. On sunday that weekend, my TL sent a message and asked me if im going to accept the offer. so i called again ate and asked her and explain, and she just told me - "bahala ka". okay. cge. i replied on the text and accepted it. even if its going to have a bond for less than 2 years. and after that, it flew again out of my mind. we are there to relax. to unwind. were going back to Manila the next day - we are on leave Monday. so its just that. i never treated it as a big deal on my part. i wasnt expecting anything like this. i know that sometimes tatanga tanga talaga ako. i dont know. but sometimes its better to be like that para it will never come to your mind na your so galing and the reason why youve been chosen is because your one of those top performers in the team. i must admit, i am not that expert when it comes to my work. but i know what i do and i can survive. and because of that decision, some people have been hurt. some have been bypassed. some have judged me. some have criticized me. some did not hear my explanation. some showed their true color. at that point in my life, i experienced how to be judged from head to toe. that most of the people around you are checking about you, that they are seeking for your mistakes. that they judged your work. that they judged your whole being, your whole personality. its the time that i know who are my real friends in the office. some are being plastic. some are envious. some are happy about me.

i just wanna say thank you to my friends. to my "REAL" friends. thank you for standing beside me. thank you for keeping me low. thank you for keeping me from fighting back. im here now. enjoying what god gives to me. and im really thankful to my creator for this opportunity. I really AM.

i found this one line and its good.

"Be humble when someone sings your praises - your pride could be misunderstood."


kyels said...

It is hard to find real friends; and I only have a few.

I'm glad you have real friends too Kuya.


Anonymous said...

uys ngdadrama ka pa dn? hanep di pa va mamatay-matay ung issue na yan? wak ka magalala, wak mo lng pansinin ang mga taong walang kwenta! be strong! i'm here, you're there... whehehe pero close tau:) those were just things that tel you to slow down and see what's beyond everything in front of you. ma-misunderstood ka man, problema nla un di cla marunong umintindi!un na! mishu much! see you soon! - Russ

pam said...

yeap, real true friends are hard to find. i can count mine's on the right hand. be thankful for them. =)