yesterday was the day when SMASHED Badminton Tournament held at The Zone Badminton Court in Makati City. since i have a double entry (mens double and mixed doubles) im at the place around 8 am coz our first game is 9 am. for mens doubles we have 4 games. first game was a 1-1. and we are ahead only be 1 point. wahaha.. then on the 2nd game, we lose both sets. then on the third game, its a 1-1 again between us and our opponent. the score? 22-23. and on the fourth game, we also lose, but on the first set it was a tight scoring but since (i think) all of us are tired (hehehe,reasons reasons) we just gave the second set to our opponent. and congrats to those opponents who won.

on the afternoon, i have the mixed doubles play. first set again was a tight game, we are ahead by 7 points then the opponent gave their best to catch up with the score and the score for two sets? 18-21 and 23-22. wahahaha... but its okay, we know taht we did our best and we just play. our second game for the mixed doubles is okay, we won for both sets ahead by 21 points for two sets. and the last game we had was unfair. huhuhu (bitter?) of course not, we knew that they should not be on the level D. cause you see the partners (i think the guy is the trainor) are good and they should not be on the level D. i mean they are good enough for that level. tsk tsk.. and then they are the one who make it to the finals. they are the champion for the level D. we left the place around 8 pm. and we are too tired and exhausted. but we did our best and play a good fight. fair and square.

one thing i noticed about the old players ( i mean those who are older than me, and i think im the youngest among our opponents) is that they are saying bad words inside the court, and sometimes they throw their rackets in the air or on the floor. i mean someone should call a misconduct on the way they behave inside the court. they should be an example inside the courts. thinking that there are also other people who watched the game.

To Sir Poli and Ate Grace, thanks for playing with me. Godbless and Goodluck on our next tournament..hehehe


kyels said...

I'm glad that the tournament went well.