PROPS on the GO..

we went here at the office last saturday to do the props for the upcoming presentation in Christmas party. meeting time is 10 am. first stop we did was to list down all the things that we needed. then after that, we made the curtain, then cut the cloth that we will be using for the background of the stage. after that, we went to Glorietta to buy the things that we need. but first stop, LUNCH! hehehe.. i, myself did not eat breakfast so im a bit hungry that time. And we had our lunch at Tokyo Tokyo. hihiihi.. here i am again, eating using the chopsticks! wahahaha...enjoy! look at the pictures. am i a camwhore? not really.. hehehe.

before going to Glorietta, we had a picture on outside of the office, we didnt know that its forbidden. hihi..

and here are the pictures in Glorietta..

after we ate and bought the things we need, we went back in the office to get the job started. the mission on that day was to finish the disco ball. and other things that we can do. and God, i didnt imagine that making an improvised disco ball was that easy. friday night, me and val went to shangrila and mega to look for a biggest styro ball taht we can use for the disco ball and we got one from NBS Mega. then the next day, we had the foil pasted on the bond paper (5-6 pages of bond paper) and then cut that piece of bond paper with foil into smaller squares and then we pasted that squares on the styro ball. and it took us 2 hours to complete the upper half and another 2 hours for the other half. 4 hours all in all for the styro ball. and we finished last saturday around past 8 pm.

pictures at the elevator.. wahahaha