virus through moc


there is a virus break here in the office this afternoon, and the IT people told us to shutdown our online communicator, the MOC. and also other messengers and not to click any hyperlinks from messengers. weird? no, i, myself saw what it is. the message is like this, "is that you on that photo?! then flat face, and a hyperlink..when you click the link, it will prompt you to save the ms dos application, luckily, i did not save this and asked the person what it is. and she told me she did not know that, emails threads are coming in of our inboxs regarding the virus, they even told us to run an in-depth (full scan) scan of our computer and make sure that our anti-virus is in-sync with the latest edition, well, it seems that my anti virus is insync with them. and guess how long did it take? 140 minutes or more than 2 hours. i cant imagine that! that was the longest scanning ive ever made to my machine, tskt tsk. one good thing is that i already finished the 3 maps to be implemented ( just waiting for the email from US if the output file is okay with them), and i already made my emails for that 3 maps and files are uploaded into our repository. i really thanks god..;)