this incident happened to me this morning...and i am pretty shocked from the reaction that i got.. i started my day, right after i opened my eyes and still in bed, to text everyone in my group my morning is a simple text, saying "Morning..u".. mostly like that or "Gud morning, have a gud day".. but to my amusement(?) this morning, after i left my phone in my bed and after i took a bath and returned to the room and after i prepared myself going here in the office, i checked my phone if there are any person replied to my morning greeting. and yes there was... not only one..but to my surprised, one person replied to me:

"Tangna tigilan m n k2txt s akn nk2rndi k n a para kng bliw"

and that was the exact content of the message..i was shocked and a little bit shaky right after i read that message. first, i am not used hearing those words or saying those words right in front of my face or in short, im not used in getting those words for myself.. okay.. my first reaction was to say sorry... sorry for causing inconveniences because of my everyday text. it may cause her trouble. i admit my fault and not pointing anyone because of that. and also, that person will not be that mad (based on her text) if i didnt do anything wrong to her. it is all about me. so what i do next was to remove her name from the group she belong to.. and second i forwarded a bible verse she can reflect on.

maybe, that will be the last text that i will be sending to her. at least. i know i made a mistake. i commit it again.

one good thing that i realize is that, i didnt act like that. i mean, i am no saint, but to say things like that to other people, its a no-no for me. you can say better than that.

thanks to those person who guided and took care of me. because of them, i know how to react to some circumstances and without affecting other people. i am not judging her. maybe it was really my fault and i admit that.

to that person.. im sorry for causing trouble.. god bless..

if you are on my list/group, you will receive a good morning message and a gud night message everyday, making your inbox filled by my name, hehehe..and also i send Bible verses everyday.. :) .. and because of that sorry for causing your phone beeping..


lin said...

hmm. may mga ganyan tlgang tao. masyadong naiirita. kung ayaw nila makareceive, kiber! kung ako nasa lugar mo malamang nadiLete ko number nila sa phonebook ko. hmp.

kyels said...

Well, I think you're being really nice texting everyone that. I would be happy if my friends do that even though it may bug me if I am busy. But then again, it differs from one individual to another.


Lazarus said...

Astig ah! How close are you to that person? There are others who prefer to receive txt jokes rather than bible verses. But I think you should still send him messages once in a while.

Billycoy said...

You didnt do anything wrong, but she replied with a rude message. if i was in your shoes, i will be dissed the whole day. Luckily, you're a kind person.