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He calls his own sheep by name and leads them out. – John 10:3

A few years ago, I was invited to speak on the subject of guidance. In my preparation, I opened my concordance to look up the word guidance, expecting to find a long list of verses promising guidance from God. To my surprise, guidance wasn’t there. Instead, I found the world guide and a number of verses promising that God Himself would be the guide of His people.

This discovery added fresh insight to my Christian pilgrimage. I was reminded that people who are blind need guide dogs, not guidance dogs! Even if dogs were capable of talking, how unsatisfactory it would be if they were mere bystanders, shouting warnings to the blind from a distance: "Careful now! You’re approaching a hole. Watch out for the curb!" No, these mute but faithful creatures escort their sightless companions every step of the way, being their eyes and steering them safely along precarious pathways.

Some people want God to be like a glorified advice bureau. But when our sight is dim and our way is dark, as it often is, we need more than good advice – we need the Good Shepherd to lead us (John 10:3,11).

As we follow Christ each day, we’ll have all the guidance we’ll ever need. – Joanie Yoder

Though guidance is our need each day
We need not search to find our way;
We only need a faithful Guide
And strive to stay close by His side. – D. De Haan

READ: John 10:1-15

Looking for guidance? Follow Christ, your Guide.

The Bible in one year:

• Isaiah 56-58
• 2 Thessalonians 2


kyels said...

Yes, we all need guidance from Him irregardless of what we are going to do. Sometimes we are lost and He will in turn guide us out of the darkness.

God is Love and our Guide.


maalat said...

salamat sa pagdaan.. san shoutbox?!