punching below the belt..

date: friday the 13th... month of October year 2006..

event: we decided to go out and i had my mind changed after a minute or two if im going with them or not, and to think also that im the one thinking of the place that we can go and have enjoy ourselves. okay, first selection was music bar, karaoke bar.. so i called music 21 in jupiter st here at makati and talk to the receptionist and unfortunately there was no vacant room for us and also i asked their charges, its 84 pesos per head per hour... and after music 21 i called red box and their charges is 399.00 per head.. but we did not end there..after finalizing my decision to go with them, we ended heading quezon avenue in quezon city, the place? punch line comedy bar... yah,.
they corrupted our young minds..hehehe...nah. i admit that im not new in that place, i used to be in that place before, more than once. and i can say that for a moment i enjoyed and come to a analysis that for me to enjoy that kind of thing, i need to pay a price..hehehe.. but its okay... this time it was different. im with my officemates.. and the bonding will be different..
some of my officemates was "cultured shock" because of the profanity of the words and being so bulgar for some other people that it should be "private". well, after watching entertainers, pooh, trishia, anton diva and ethel booba among others.. for me i enjoyed the night and by the way i did not eat anything on that bar because i might puke, before we went there we ate at jollibee and i ordered jolly hotdog and lumpiang shanghai, so im already full before entering that place.
after the last host, i think, ethel booba doing some malicious act to her male audience, we decided to call it a night. and we headed coming back here at the office. yes.. i am in the office right now at 4:41 am in my computers clock. but we have a plan of going home at around 6 am so maybe im not going to sleep and ill just wait for that time to come.

so my feeling right now? i smell bad because of cigarette smoke and im sleepy..i want to sleep! hehehe.. so till next post.. im just going to surf the net till 6 am... have a nice weekend guys! im just going to sleep at day when i got home later..hehehe.. i wish im going to have one..hehehe.

god bless....
mode: sleepy...eyes dropping off..


kyels said...


Have a good weekend and sleep more!