dampa - team bonding

we ate at dampa in macapagal boulevard last tuesday evening, the plan of going there of only 6 or 7 people became 16 people all in all. well, it all goes okay and good. we left the office at around 6 pm and we took a van near in our office going to the place and were like sardines inside. actually im not included cause i sat in front beside the drivers seat together with ate weng. when we got there, we first look for the place where we are going to eat that night and then went to the market and bought the foods that we ate. we bought squid, liempo, tahong, and shrimp. did i forgot something? dont know, heheehe.. then we have buttered shrimp, inihaw na liempo, sinigang na baboy, baked tahong, alimasag or alimango(?), and ensaladang mangga,.! so much food in our table and we didnt ate all of that. there are still left over for some people. i love eating green mango with bagoong, and also the alimasag or alimngo dip in vinegar. yummy...i actually had 2 servings of rice. and i had also left over in my plate, tsk tsk, not a good habit i know. after eating and being full, here goes the bill, hhuuhuhu..but its okay, for thaht kind of food that we ate, its cheap. hehehe.

we walked from macapagal blvd till edsa extension where we rode a jeep going to MRT station, oh by the way, we separated ways in dampa with other officemates going the other way, and then we took the MRT and as usual, a lot of people inside, and i got home around 10 pm i think.

some of the pictures...


abel said...

i want to eat at dampa then again this weekend

ralphT said...

the next time you guys go 'bonding', try Cafe Breton ;) there's one in MoA, Gb3, tomas morato, the podium, pasong tamo, westgate -- alabang, sta.rosa, and tagaytay :)

Kyels said...

Bonding is good!

I am glad to see that you had so much fun David.

And I like your new header! And the Cross. It's awesome!