Welcome Back to Smashing


i went home early last night from office, and had a plan to play badminton this morning, at around 9:30 pm i was sleeping and dreaming, recharging my strength and coping from those sleepless nights from the past days when we went to Galera. and thanks God cause i had a good sleep last night, i prepared my things that i need when i play, my racket, my shuttlecocks, my shirts and everything that i need. i woke up late, (sorry karleen) at around 10 mins before 7 am. the schedule of the game is 7 to 10 am. im really sorry, im just regaining my strenght. is that a valid reason? hmm, nyways, my feet landed on the court quarter to 8 am. and then after i registered my name at the information, im ready to play! wohoo! welcome back to smashing Edward! its been two weeks im absent at the game,. well the same reason why im not attending, excessive sleeping.

we started playing at the reserved court, me and karleen, just hitting the ball, no real game, just like a warm up game, but then after counting many minutes and we want a real game, we look for other people on the court who want to play with us (sadly we were only 3 persons who attended the game from numerous names on the email who received the invitation..hmm), then first doubles game, we won, score? 15-3. but our opponent told us that they are just beginners and we know that. the game that really heat me up is the doubles that we played, me and sir b1. that was a nice game! really is.. i felt that im not absent on past two weeks of game the way i played again, but of course, the force that i gave when i smashed is not that strong unlike before im playing every week. we won 2 sets out of three for mens doubles, and our opponents smash is really hard, geez! thanks god we won. hehehe..thanks to my partner, Sir B1.!

till next week! and welcome back to Smashing Edward! -wink-