on leave..


i will be out in the office tomorrow to attend my nose surgery! wahaha! joke! but seriously speaking i will not be around tomorrow in the office and i hope someone will miss my absence! (asa!) and that also means i will not be able to be online the whole day, no access to my blog..(miss you) and free from anything here at the office..free from what? nothing..hehehe..

im gonna do a personal business matter that my future will depend on. (hmm, is it job hunting or im going to have my final interview tomorrow for antoher job? miss you guys! love yah!) hehe..dont worry! ill be here till next year..maybe till the 2nd day of next year! wahaha...joke!

so see you guys on friday! ill be back. i promise, or if i get bored tomorrow maybe ill be online. maybe for an hour.

oh by the way, just had a meeting with the SIG group (outdoors club) here in the office and sad to say, my pendant did not come back to me. sigh! heavy sigh!

david edward signing off...


kyels said...

I hope you'd be able to find your pendant back.


Have a blessed day!

Anonymous said...

Hey! You blog in the office too? Haha. Pareho tayo..

Anyway, I already linked you up.

God bless! :)