im back - goodbye milenyo..


after i had checked my emails, my other accounts in my accounts list, here i am and ready to blog! hooray! okay, where do i start first? about this morning i guess..

i woke up around past 8 and i was in a hurry because i need to go here in the office to report for duty and my leave only takes effect yesterday. one bad thing is the water supply in the house is cut because of what happened yesterday, (explain it to you later).. so there is no sign of water in the faucet in the bathroom and theres no electricity for Gods sake. my phone's battery is drained and my spare is just the same, so i didnt do my rituals in greeting everyone good morning, hay..sorry guys... i went in the office without taking a bath (eeww, but really i feel bad about it, going in the office without taking a bath?, thanks God to the cap, shades and jacket! ) and thanks that the bathroom here is open, thanks Kris and i saw you getting out of that because im thinking that it was "temporarily close" again. so i took a bath here at the office. and i feel refresh. i cant think myself sitting on my chair and typing in front of my computer and working the whole day without taking a bath first. sigh...

first stop in the office is to charge my phone, after this one im gonna charge the other one and im thinking of buying another phone this evening for event just like yesterday. tskt tsk.

September 28, 2006
i was on leave from the office. and woke up around past 9, i thouhgt that ate and me will go with what have planned the night before, but since ate is still sound asleep and the weather outside the house is not that good, ( of course it wasnt! there was a storm edward! ) ..well sorry, i didnt watch the news nor the tv the whole week. i just knew that the wind is kinda strong cause the water from the rain kept going inside the room from the windows, and with that i needed to close the window for me to have a good sleep. oh, i had a good sleep that night because of the weather, and i never thought that there was a typhoon in the Metro..innocent animal! hehehe

after eating breakfast and showing no sign of electricity, there i was sitting at the sofa, pressing the keypad of my phxting everyone and forwarding messages. on the afternoon, my aunt went to our house and check all of us and the situatioone ten there together with my other auntie from province who went here in the middle of the typhoon! tsk tsk, not so good idea auntie..definitely.

there was a sign of water falling from the ceiling at ate's room and on the living room, geez! what is this? i thought that the house is okay just like what we have before. we all never expected it. and right there, i think that those need to be repaired and ate already called people who will be fixing those. and in the kitchen, below the cabinets and on the floor, there was water flowed out from somewhere, and thats the main reason why the water is cut down, it kept flowing and flowing making the floor wet and if that will not be stop, there will be flood inside the house! hahaha..joke! till night some people are repairing that water pipe for the water to stop flowing out.

we went to Megamall, (all right, the planned is Shangrila but unfortunately it was closed due to weather condition) and then when we entered the mall, i think the aircon is turned off and the generator cant supply the enough energy for the aircon to function. first stop? ACE hardware, we bought rechargeable lamps, and i also bought an earphone for my phone! yehey! but the price is not yehey for me,. it cost me less than 1k! tsk tsk..expensive one, i told myself to be thrifty this past few days but nah! no after we bought what we need, we ate at Luk Yuen ( i cant remember the name! waa!), cause ate want noodles and for me? i ate one cup of yang chow fried rice, bone less chicken in lemon sauce, shrimp pump, 3 pcs of pork shomai, a cup of ice tea and some zip of coke from ivan, hahaha, and i tasted the noodles of ate (beef brisket) but i dont like the taste, it was different from jades palace beef brisket. hahaha.. then after that and after we ordered some for take out, we went home and on the road there is no sign of electricity. sigh! really is..

i slept at around 11:45 because i took care of my niece who wanted to play i think all night long but i wanted to say that i need to take a rest cause i have work today, tsk tsk... since there is no electricity and she needs to sleep, we stayed inside the car and i cant stayed any longer cause i dont wanna sleep there, went up in my room and slept even someone is calling my name, i didnt answer. hahaha..poor someone! (sorry i dont know who called my name)..i slept in the room with candles on, and thanks god theres no incident of fire..ehehe..OA..

and the trees inside the townhouses, are all fell down. and the street outside our place is impassable because also of the trees that is on the middle of the street.

on the afternoon, we played badminton under the rain and i enjoyed playing under the rain. hahaha... and this is my 99th post! hahaha