i lost a cross..im incomplete.


geez! i've lost my pendant and it i feel so bad about it, i mean i can lost other things but why my pendant? okay, it is not an ordinary pendant but it is a cross pendant. i may sound a lil OA but its a part of me. feel so incomplete without it, i mean i cant feel that im safe now, even when i ride the bus, maybe i will not feel secure and safe. that is how the cross play in my life. and now, without it because of my negligence, geez! i wanna cry! :(

hope that someone will email me tomorrow and tell me that they found it and he or she will give it back to me.

mode: incomplete. sad.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I know how it feels to lose something that is really important to you.

I lost my virginity once.

Haha. Kidding. Anyway, dropped by from Billycoy's. Nice. :)