things to be thankful to my GOD..


i need to say THANKS to my Lord God for being kind to me...
things to be thankful to my Lord God..

1. Thanks for all the blessings that He has given to me.
2. Thanks for the God-given talents that He lend to me, and because of these talents im unique in my own way.
3. Thanks for the life that He's giving to me.
4. Thanks for all the people that helped me in the past.
5. Thanks for the people that i meet in my everyday life.
6. Thanks for the friends that i have, even that i dont have a family, i still have many friends whose always there for me.
7. Thanks for my relatives.
8. Thanks to the elders that teach me lessons.
9. Thanks for my job (im so thankful to Him to have a job like this).
10. Thanks for my officemates.
11. Thanks for all the people in my surrounding.
12. Thanks for my superiors.
13. Thanks for the food.
14. Thanks for the clothes.
15. Thanks for all that i have.
16. Thank you for keeping me safe everyday.
17. Thank you for protecting me in my everyday life.
18. Thank you for keeping me safe and away from injury when im having my game.
19. Thank you for this life.
20. Thank you for the experience and the lesson.
21. Thank you for always there for me.
22. Thank you for being my parents.
23. Thank you for giving me what i wish. ( thanks God!)

So many things to be thankful to my God. Just giving my thanks to HIM.
Did you have a chance to give thanks to your Creator? think of the things that you have.