thanks god kasi Friday na..yehey! so it only means na i can have a rest na on this coming saturday and sunday..i hope na yung mga "orcs" sa bahay is mag behave..i dont wanna see their faces pa makes my day bad...hay...i dont have plans naman this coming weekend so come what may na lang siguro. hehehe..
and about sa room, ok na yung light kasi when i came home last night and i entered the room, i saw light and there was light there you go, the bulbs are now repaired so it means i can come back to my habit of reading the bible before i go to sleep..yipee! i will feel recharge again...kasi naman, parang exhausted na ko masyado. i think even maglaro ako ng badminton, the stress inside my body will not come out...and i really hope that this coming weekend will not be as hot as an oven...basta dont rain lang..hehehe...dami pa problems sa ibang maps...tsk tsk...ano ba yan!
yung pimple parang gustong tumubo sa mukha ko, meron na nga dadagdag pa...its like im super duper stress na..hay..basta i hope that these pimples will get out of my face.then ill be happy na ulit..hehehe..
happy weekend to all...godbless...