long weekend


all of us are going to have a long weekend this week. and its because that its Ninoy Aquino day on the 21st.,.well, im going to have a vacation also! (yipee) unwind, and to relax and to spare some time with my other side of the family..ahahaha..and one more thing, i can escape the citys pollution, the traffic and what else? of course, im going to miss the mall. but its not advisable for me to go always to the mall, i cant help myself buying clothes and anything that i like. i just hope that i always have money on my pocket, if not, goodluck to myself. hahahaha...well, im looking forward to that 3 days vacation, tomorrow im going to bring my travelling bag here in the office and to go directly to my cousins and we can go together all the way to the province. i hope i can get enough rest and i also do hope that when i come back here in manila, im recharged as new. wahahaha..:)