leave on friday


before anything i need to sigh.hehehe..for my first year of stay here at gxs, and for the first time im going to have my leave! wohoo! yes, and it will happen this coming Friday, dated September 1, 2006. I asked my other PM for the Sainsbury project if i can avail my leave on that day and thanks God, he said yes. the thing running on my mind is where i can spend that and how, i still dont have plans on Friday. well, i still have 2 more days to go. Actually, i was planning to have a leave for 2 days but unfortunately, the Info Sharing sessions will start next week and im one of those first batches,. hmm..goodluck to me and to Ate Jaja. i cant go on leave on Monday. so it means, im only going to have 3 days of vacation(?). hehehe..well i hope i can get enough rest on that day..