Enchanted and Fog Part 2


the Team...tired or still have enrgy? cyempre meron!

on the day we went to EK, the weather is rainy, there are small drop of rain from the sky, but it did not stop us to enjoy the whole day and the rides EK offered to us. Beyond lunch time, we are all hungry, we need to refuel our energy, so they decided to go to Tagaytay and there we had our lunch at picnic grove. there are lot of foods, since it was Cecilles birthday, she prepared that food to all of us. And this moment i think is the moment for the two, JP and Cecille. while we are there, each one of us are asked to give our messages to Cecille, and what could be the best topic? of course its her love life, and we are boosting the name of JP, and make some "parinig". we all waited of JPs turn, but i think the guy swallow his tounge, no words came out but just Happy birthday. we are all waiting and hoping that this is the best time for him to admit his feelings to Ces but to no avail. we didnt hear what we wanted to hear. JP needs more booster. tsk tsk...its your moment! that was the exact time you can tell her whats inside your heart but what happened? nothing, tsk tsk..
after waiting of JPs speech and not heard what we wanted to hear, we decided to go back to EK but we dropped by at the souvenir shop and bought something for us, i myself bought 2 shirts. around 5:30 were on our way to EK, and were there around past 6 pm and then we took a ride at the Rio Grande and a lot of students are there in the line. oooppps, i didnt mention that there are lot of buses outside, and there are students having their fieldtrips. then we took a chance to ride the wheel of faith, we also watched the Fireworks, and then rode again the Space shuttle for the last and fifth time. and the line is so long...tsk tsk..so left the place past 10 pm, and i arrived home around 1:00 am., taht was a day full of excitement.

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