i need a rest...


grabe na tlaga...gusto ko ng magpahinga..yung walang stress..but unfortunately, having a long weekend is not meant for me for this coming sat and sun,. i planned to have a leave on friday but unfortunately i was not allowed to have one. maybe next week. since there are lot of people who are on leave this coming friday, and there are problems on maps to be solve, definitely no more people should be allowed to have a "rest" or leave...i dont know, i felt like im wasted that i need to have a long rest,. just to sleep and to have a bond with my bed and with my pillows.
i dont have any complain with my job, im so fortunate to have this kind of job, but my "katawang lupa" is complaining..i need a rest na daw...2 more days and its already weekend. it is my only time to have a rest..to wake up at 12 noon or past 12..i miss my college days! waaaaah!