Enchanted and Fog...


We went to Enchanted Kingdom amusement park last Saturday, August 26, 2006. It was a day full of fun and excitement, not to mention the nervousness that we felt once we are in the space shuttle. It all started very early, around 7:30 am, we were in Boni at Mandaluyong City going to Shell Maya, the meeting station for all of us minus RJ and his company because they will be from Sucat, the two of us (me and Ate Kei).

Though we had a hard time looking for a the bus, and I don’t know why is there no buses going to Ayala, it turned out that we are at the meeting place on time. And I had to took my breakfast because I don’t ate my breakfast at home, so I need to fill my tummy. And after I bought barbeque burger and fries at KFC, we waited till 9:30 I think for the rest of the guys since it was going to be a convoy, and then we were on our way going to Sta Rosa Laguna around quarter to 10, two cars from Manila and two more cars waiting at the Shell gasoline station in the expressway. More actions, more fun are happened inside the car. Jokes, laughs, about the Physical exam and my phobia in injection. And yes, I have a fear in injection, and I admit that, and im going to have another injection in my arm next month since the last was last year. Ok, lets go back to the story.

We met at the Shell gasoline station in SLEX, 3 cars and one more car on the expressway going to that place, some of us decided to have breakfast and also not to mention myself, I need to eat another set of breakfast, and went again to KFC and bought arroz caldo! The reason why I didn’t bought arroz caldo in KFC makati is that I needed to wait 7 more minutes for them to prepare that, and I decided just to took burgers and the arroz caldo to follow on the expressway and this is it. And one more thing, too bad because the ATM machine for BPI is not working on that station. On our way to Sta. Rosa again, I seated on the back of the Revo since it is not advisable for me to eat in front, so while eating the arroz caldo at the back of the car, there is joke again if I mishandled the styro and dropped the hot food on one of my seatmates, well sorry guys, I know how to handle that one, hehehe…but just a comment, the taste of the arroz caldo is different from the way that I used to know it, since im a fan of arroz caldo in KFC, I can tell you that the arroz caldo I bought on that station is not good, the color is brownish and to summarize it, it didn’t satisfy my cravings for arroz caldo that day.

We arrived at Enchanted Kingdom around 10:30 or quarter to 11 I think, and since we are too early on the place there are less people on the area. And when we entered the park, the first station is the “flying fiesta”. Oh btw, we all met up on that place, aside from Kuya Marco and the birthday girl Cecille, and the reason why we are there, but its not free, its KKB. Peace Ces! Hehehehe…

We enjoyed the flying fiesta and it’s a preparation for the space shuttle, but the main plan was to ride the space shuttle first before anything else. Good thing happened because I need to get immune first on heights before I can go on with the higher one. Hehehe….addition to my fears, im afraid of height! On the first try, and when we rode the space shuttle, whoa! Its too nervous, I think not only to myself but also to my other colleagues, hehehe…on the first try, the nervous on my chest is on its peak, but tolerable but like what I’ve told you, I need to get immune first. So here I am, on the top of the world, just joking,hehehhe…so when I heard something clicked at the back, its time to hold my breath till we reached the flat surface where the space shuttled started, and released it on that area. The turning back of the shuttle is not a good adventure. It was like I’m being slapped on my face because my right face was slammed on the right lock of the seat. Geez! But that was an experience minus the headache,. When we shuttle stopped on its place, and see each other “passengers”, hehhee..we saw ate jaja cried and tears flowed into her cheeks, both on her eyes. Maybe she was just so happy that she tried the space shuttle for the first time and never try it again. Never. Right Ate JA?

We rode it again for the second time right after the first,. And after the second ride, its like that we saw flying birds on our heads, hehheeh..And then here came the “ANCHORS AWAY”. So exciting but not just like before, the tip
of the anchor is not reaching the edge of the wood platform like before,. hmm, i even asked the operator if that is the highest peak of the anchor and told yes, it is. even filled a little sadness that it cannot bring the same intensity of the height and "lula" like before, we, most of us enjoyed the ride and yah, its funtastic..

take a peak at the pictures...

this shot was inside the souvenir store near the main gate, on the left side when you enter.

in front - ate jo, ate kei,
at the back - from left to right -
- paul, vic, rj, mark g., ate jaja, kuya glen and me..

shot while riding the wheel of faith..inside are: ate kei, ate belle, kuya glen, rj and me..

[ pics taken before we enter the park ]
in the picture - ate Tin, Mark (ate Tins apple of her eye), Paul, ate Jaja (hugging Wizard), Alfin (wearing black), Ate Belle, Me, Rhen (leaning on me), Mark G (at the back), Ate Dana, Kris, Ate Jacq and Kuya Tey.

after we took a ride of the Anchors Away and getting prepared for the next ride. Lets see whose in the picture.

[ from left to right, front ]
- Cecille, Rhen, Kuya Tey, Kuya Glen, JP, RJ, Ate Xel, Temo, ME, and Paul

[ from left to right, second row ]
- Ate Jaja, Eileen, Ate KEi, Ate DAna, Kris, Ate Jacq, Josh, Kuya MArco,

[ on the back of Kuya Marco ]
- Ate Joan (wearing teh pink striped shirt), Ate Tin, MArk P., Albert, Ate Belle, Mark G, and on the back of me and paul, yes, it is Vic!

this shot was taken after riding the Space Shuttle but i cant tell you the nth time we rode it.

Anchors Away! hehehehe...enjoyed!

one of the first shots that we had, after we entered EK and since only few people are inside the park that time.