antok na antok na ko...


today is saturday, i went to St Lukes Hospital, accompanied my tita who had her laboratory exams..when ate called me yesterday and asked me if i have plans today or im going to somewhere else, i said no. so she told me to go with my tita nga. but what i never expected is that were going to the hospital too early....waaaa...of course i need enough sleep and rest since i had a badminton yesterday. and my body is complaining to have a complete rest. i expect it to be around 10 am, the usual time. but the maid wake me up at around 6:15 am...and at that time i really want to sleep i have no choice but to take a bath and prepare myself, then i walked going to my titas house and at around seven i think were inside the cab na going to st lukes. first stop is the xray, and since there are more than lab exams to be done, i need to have the code for each one before i can proceed to the cashier. so i told my tita to stay on the xray area and just wait me to finish what should be done and then ill pay to the cashier. well, paying at the cashier is quietly impressive (of course at that hour, how many people will you expect at the hospital paying at the counter?). so there was no lines., no people. , hahaha..and since the last time i visited the hospital, the billing section looked very different, and they improved a lot. i want the way it look now. then after paying to the cashier ( i went back to my tita ) and she had her xray first, then we went to the pathology section for the blood extraction, but unfortunately, it is expected that my tita had her "fasting" for the past 12 hours and she drank a glass of milk at around 12 midnight so we waited till 12. then finding the Ultrasound section is not easy, looking for it at the old location where i remembered it was located but it was not there anymore. and when i checked the location of the different labs and department, i found out that it is now located at the ground floor. and not on the first floor. after that, i had my breakfast at McDonalds since KFC is not yet open. then we waited till past 9 and went back to the hospital and stayed at the clinic..we had our lunch at Kenny Rogers, and then while inside the cab going home, i feel sleepy. waaaaaa.i feel like im so tired. hehheeh, bt its sure, then ive got to read documents pa for next week..well, thats for today..
i hope i can get enough rest tonight and have at least 12 hours of have a gud weekend to all of us and god bless..:)


ladybug said...

have lots of sleep and enjoy your weekend. :-)