yipee! hahaha..last saturday i planned to watch the Superman at Shangrila Mall, i woke up around lunch time and then went to shangrila almost 2:30 pm. i visualized that there are many people who are going to watch the movie but unlike the number of people when youre going to watch it like for example in megamall. so 4 or 5 cinemas are alloted for Superman and then since there are many people on the ground and the line is a bit long, i decided to went up staright at the 6th floor to buy my ticket there..the scene is almost the same on the ground floor maybe minus 5 the next showing time is 3:10 but unfortunately there are only 3 sits avalibale. 2 on the left side and one on the center so i dont want to wait again for the next showing time so i grabbed the center place..i watched superman at cinema 4, C-11..pretty near the screen,,,hahaha..
the movie was good and of course the sounds...tahts what im talking about movie house in shangrila and willing to pay 170 for one movie as long as i enjoyed every second of it unlike in megamall that youre going to pay 140 but then the sound is not that good (this is based on my experience and my own opinion)..hahaha..i enjoyed the movie, rated 8 out of 10, but for a few seconds that screen turned into black for 1 time and then the sounds are corrupted (pirated! haha) for 30 second and it happened not only once..tsk tsk..all in all, the movie is good!