while browsing my friendster's site, i noticed my friends whom i lost communication with. its been months since the last time we chat and talk to each other. there are the new ones and the old ones. whom i treasure both in my life..well, i hope they know that, hehehe..well, sad thing is, we cannot tell who are those people who will enter and leave your life. once they are part of it, unexpected thing happen, you will lost communication to them. and you will never know when will be the next time you will see and chat to each other again, things are getting different and different everyday.
but one thing is for sure, once you treat me as your friend, i will treat you as my friend forever..even we dont chat like the way before, and even our cellphones are like always no load (really edward? joke!hehehe), and we forgot even just to say hi, its okay. im just here, the same person you knew before, the same edward whom you talked to and had small talks with, im just the same..i just pray to my lord god to protect you, the way He protects me everyday.
so till here, if you are my friend and the one whom i lost communication with, text me, you know my number, its just the same, not even a single digit changed. or leave a message in ym.
God bless and remember this: