badminton friday..


as was planned yesterday, we have a game today at the Zone again, Makati City, the time 7 am. I sent an email to my officemates regarding the game and most of them replied that they gonna play, but few people are not attending because of some personal matters, but the game must continue. so i woke up at exactly 6 am and stretched my body so that i can get up on my bed and take a bath. actually, even while i am taking a bath, i want to go back to my bed and continue my sleep for 2 more hours, hehehe.. so when im ready to go, i stayed a little while on outside of the house and did some strectching on my foot, body and arms, better to stretch those joints so that i will not have any body aches after the game,. so im at the place exactly 7:15 in the morning, actually i received text messages from other players that they are not attending the game (again for some several reasons)...tsk me and mam elai are at the place, and started to have some warm up game. then while playing and doing some routine, we agreed to asked the 2 players on my right side (mixed partner, 1 man, 1 woman), if they wanna play with us so that we can play mixed doubles but they refused for the reason that they are just beginners, well, ms elai is a beginner, we look like a pro? tsk we continued to play and then another 2 players come in on my right side on the court next to us., both of them are male, so we agreed again (me and ms elai) to ask the two people on my right if they wanna play with us, and they agreed. the names are alvin and michael i think, hehehe...michael is a beginner also like ms elai, but alvin is a pro, thats for sure, cause he smashed the shuttle like a bullet. tsk after three sets, we rested for a while, and ms elai planned to take a shower and me, to continue playing, hehehe...i played another 2 sets with the same opponent that me and ms elai had, but at this time, i had a new partner..well, all in all, the game was okay but for the fact that the people invited to play did not show up and only the two of us who came.nyway,,thats it. a great play..