sleeping disorder


almost 2 am and still awake.. typing a new entry here on my blog. cant sleep again.. why oh why.. it feels like days are too slow, the phasing of days from Monday to Friday is a bit boring. i thought it was already Friday yesterday, why? cause that is how i feel it. dont know why..

i got a lot of things to think of these days.. regarding my work, im okay with it. can handle it, with care ^_^.

im thinking of pushing myself away again from my family and/or relatives. it just that i want to put it back to the time when they dont know anything from me. that they dont have any news about me. well, im at peace during those times..

one thing that i get mad on filipino values is that when someone is trying to help you, they lend the right arm but you still want the left arm. so agressive. not just be thankful for whatever help they offer to you..

tomorrow would be Saturday and the company dinner is set. yeah, we're gonna attend,. my barong and slacks are ready. and on Sunday, it is on! yeah! its Sarah G's concert here. i already got my VIP ticket and wish to have more cool pictures this time minus the haggardness..

im looking forward to my vacation in manila. i need to recharge again. i need to see faces of whom i can talk my sentiments and people who will understand me - my friends.

hope i can sleep now. and free my mind from those worries.. tstksk.. not good at health..

david.edward signing off..