doing the three shifts in one day ^_o


i cant sleep, i dont know if i am already over sleep because of last night. yesterday was like a hell day.. and because of that i did not manage to go to the office. well, its like doing 3 shifts in one day.. san ka pa.. my shift started 11:30 PM straight to 9 AM the following day which started the AP shift.. i have a lot of events, still resolving it around 3 PM which is the start of EMEA shift.. around 6 PM im still resolving the issue..

around 9 PM i already resolved the issue. and from the previous night havent got a good sleep. well, i did have nap in the bus but that was only less than 30 minutes..

2 more hours and I will start my shift again. and of course i dont want myself to look like a zombie in the office.. what i did? sent a text message to my manager, told him that i cant go into the office that night because of having no sleep for the whole day.

so now, i have a hard time sleeping.. woke up around 9 AM and it is already 4:31 PM and im still alive.. tsktsk

ill try to sleep now so that tonight will be a merry night.. Thank God it is Friday. ^_^