when my brother says please and salamat


i really wonder if they were really at their own self. i mean, its not that usual thing to us to say thank you and please. though we've been brothers, its like we never say please and thanks in its meaningful way.

the first time i received salamat from my youngest brother was 2008, yeah that was last year when i paid his tuition. what i mean is ilang semesters na akong nagbabayad ng tuition nya and that was the first time he said salamat.
and those times na first time nyang nagsabi na ayaw nyang huminto dahil sayang naman. well, maybe the effect of it, to say thank you.

and now i opened my yahoo mail which i seldom do, i received an email from my second brother, asking (borrowing) some money from me. well, family problem again. and on the email he sent, he said please. so meaning talagang need nya ung money, to say please iba un. well, i already sent him the money but never got a response back from them.

see? that is what im trying to say here. after giving them the money, you wont hear anything from them, even a single text message or a reply to my email saying i got the money and thank you..

that is why its like always new to me when they say please and salamat.


Anonymous said...

ganon talaga, hayaan mo nalang Ed.

sige ako naman.

Please pahingi naman ng pera pang-enroll next term sa grad school.

thank you ng marami. :-)

di bale, you will alwyas be blessed if you share. yun na ang thank you.