the past week


the past week has been so kinda busy.. well not that busy with a rate of 10 out of 10. maybe give it a 7.

for the last week, i went back in playing badminton. i played the game twice - wednesday and friday. i need to practice again more and more.. feeling magaling na naman.. bwahhaha..

then i got two new mouse. then i also had my laptop reformatted last night. my plan of buying a new laptop bag didn't push through because i cant find any design. oh well. maybe next time.

re installation of softwares are now in progress in my newly reformat laptop. need to bring back the applications. and also, i had a new anti virus software.

what else? tonight we will be going to the office because of the server reboot. though its sunday we need to be there to shut down the application that we support and bring it back online after the reboot. oh lord, i hope that it goes well. ^_^

i think thats it for now. more updates next week? dont know.. lolz