Back from Cameron


just came back from Cameron Highlands. left around 1:45 PM after we had lunch in a chinese resto with big servings - as in really big.
reached KL sentral around past 6 pm and took a cab to went straight home. kinda tiring in the trip even though we rode the VIP bus (VIP meaning your seat is a coach and good for 26 people only), its a little bit expensive from the ordinary bus.
right now, i need to clean my room and its really a mess.. another thing is my lil bro sent me a text message asking for money again but this time for my father cause he doesnt have any work. i'm still thinking if im gonna give money or what.
one thing is that i told my brother that they cant reached me anymore using the numbers that i have, so i need to think if im gonna reply or not.
good thing we dont have work for tonight. ^_^