Leaving Manila - to work abroad


after 3 weeks of being away from the philippines, here i am again on my blog to tell you the story that i had the time when i left the country to work abroad.
i left Manila last April 25, 2009. Scheduled flight is 3:30 pm, since we are in Manila, we are required to be there 3 hours before the flight in Ninoy Aquino International Airport. We had the service of Malaysia Airlines to bring us here in Malaysia.
the flight was delayed. the scheduled 3:30 pm flight was transferred to 7:00 pm flight. 3 hours late eh. we were 8 all in all. we just knew each other at the airport, but of course aside from the people that i already knew because they were my friends.
luggage checking - one hell of a line. yeah. so loooooong! i think they just used 3 counters for check-in and that is the reason why they are so slooooowww. when i reached the line near the counter there's an officer weighing the baggage of the passenger (this includes the hand carry). okay, i had my laptop bag with me and my hand carry. so he weigh the hand carry and weighs much than the allowed kilograms. he asked whats inside my bag and told him "a laptop". then next is my big luggage. im over again, around 10 kilos. Malaysian Airlines from Manila to Kuala Lumpur only allows each passenger a free of 20 kilos of luggage.
we went to the other counter to pay the excess baggage. bad thing happened. the credit card line is no use. we need to pay cash. oh my oh my.. okay. we were broke. we only have limited amount of money on our hands and this thing happened. anyways, do we have a choice? if we wanna get and touched base malaysia and start working our ass off, we need to pay the price the airline is asking us. we paid the excess luggage in cash. and we borrowed money from other people.
3 hours of waiting and they only served sandwich. yeah. one piece of sandwich and a refillable drinks. i thought to get the whole can of coke from the guy who served it but then it would be much from me to do that.
we boarded at 7 pm. landed at Kuala Lumpur International Airport between 11 - 11:30 PM. went through the immigration process and at first i got a tourist visa stamped on my passport. the lady didn't notice the visa i have in my passport. so i went back and they asked some papers. after that we went out to look for a cab. and yeah. they charged us 151 and 75 RM for the two car (one van for the luggage and some peepz inside and a small "teksi").
reached hotel around 1:30 AM. exhausted and tired. next entry, my problem with the hotel. the only lucky guy who was separated from the group and the only person who got trouble checking-in.


RJ said...

Whew! Blogoserye pala ito, Dave? Sige, aabangan ko...

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