Still SICK


yeah, im still sick and i really dont know why but of course i have an idea where it is all coming from. i experience chills in the morning usually 3 am and 6 am. but then in the morning im back to normal and i take biogesic for this chills for the past days.

i already went to the doctor yesterday and i waited so long cause she's late - more than an hour. and then when i came back today for the results of my blood test and urine, the lady told me that the doctor is late again and that i will be accommodated in the afternoon. but i have some work to do so i headed towards the office to do my task. and i do have lot of things to do. sigh.

i had a blood extraction and urinalysis yesterday. i really do hope that i can go back to the dentist as soon as i can and have the root canal be performed. why is it so mahal kasi? grrrr!!


RJ said...

Palaging may sakit si David ah! Magpagaling ka bro.

Mabuti naman at hindi mo isinara itong blog mo. o",)

_ice_ said...

pagaling ka tol..

root canal mahal nun ah.. mayaman

hehehe musta..

Anonymous said...

ako din sick. hay ang habang storya. :-(

Mac Callister said...

i hate when doctors are late grrr.but we cant do about it but wait and adjust our sched for them hmpf