went to my titas house in batangas because i need to reformat their laptop. i went there late Saturday morning since the original plan was to left Manila at around 6 am but unfortunately since im having a back problem (i think because of the stress) i woke up around past 7. and im at the bus terminal at 8.

i brought with me my own laptop, my clothes for two days and my laundry (which i placed in my big luggage - the one i used when i travelled to US), yeah the 32 lbs luggage. but since its a one month laundry clothes, it was full inside the bag. and it was like a 70 lbs luggage lol! so heavy!

i told my tita that i need to wash those clothes and she volunteered to do it. :D im happy! hahahaha.. i reformat their laptop and i also went to the market to buy some fruits which some of it i gave to my lola there.

on night, we went to a funeral to gamble! hahaha.. it was called "saklay" in tagalog. okay. let me clear this - i dont know how to play that game. i just put my bet on a card which i like and just wait for the marker to be placed on my bet card. if that happens, i know i won. and sometimes i lost. :D thats part of the game. but at the end of it, when i computed my money, i won around 240 pesos. see! i dont know how to play but i won. lol!

the following day i told myself that i will be leaving early since i have a plan when i get back in Manila, but due to stress(?) again, i woke up past 8 early 9 am. see! tsktsk. and left Batangas around 12:30. around 4 pm when i reached Pasay and i took a cab to bring me home and i told the cab to wait for me and if its okay to bring me to Megamall and he agreed. i went to st francis to buy some stuff and then took a cab again going back to Columns in Buendia.

my next agenda was to have a massage since im really complaining about it and i think i need to release all these stress inside my body. but sad to say, i did not know that Relaksasi in Columns is already closed. bad!

went to Tokyo Tokyo to buy my dinner and then went home. i had my dinner at home and just slept around 10 pm.

and i know that i am really tired for that weekend. im stressed. i know.