meeting the 4 diamonds'

what is 4 diamond? it was the section im in when i was in my fourth year of high school. and it was already 8 years ago since we left and finished the high school.8 long years had passed and still we know each other.

we met last dec 26 at bataan, a day before that im making calls and sending sms to those i have contact with and telling them that we have a plan meet up the following day at around 2 pm. i gathered more than 10 people. and all of them said yes to me that they will be coming. since that was not a really a reunion for the whole batch but rather to those people whom i am friends with - my circle of friends - and to my so close classmates.

i went to my friends house first and waited there since that is the meeting place. the 2 pm meet time became 3 pm. okay, they were late. im already making calls every now and then asking everyone where are they at the moment i am talking to them. hahaha. kindly demanding huh.. not really..

after they came, we went straight ahead to the resort and the plan of overnight stay turned out to a night swimming. that was fine with me. i was already asking them what will be the time of the last trip of bus going back to manila because if we will finished early and theres no other plan, i can still catch the bus.

a lot of laugh trip! that was what we did. enjoying every moment with each other. some people i have only seen after 8 years. and some after 4 to 5 years. and things are changing. physically and emotionally. though we are still the same makukulit na 4 diamonds.

i can say that i miss my section in fourth year very much. i miss the company that they offer to me. i miss my simple life.

and after the night swimming, four of us - since the other people need to go home and some already have a husband or wife - went to olongapo to continue the fun that we are having that night. we went to pier one inside the subic bay freeport and stayed there up to 2 am. and we met our officer in CAT when we were still in third year high school and he used to be the pamangkin of my ninong. hehehe.. that was the only connection that we had and we talked about my ninong. hahahhaa...

after 2 am we went outside and decided to call it a night. i went straight ahead to the bus terminal and they to the jeepney terminal going back to bataan.

im back in manila around 6 or 7 am. and took a long rest that day.

im happy with the experience. im happy seeing them again. im happy being with their company. and all i can say is im really happy when im with them. no pretentions at all because we know each and everyone. we can laugh at our own life before and to what we are right now.

thank you guys for the laughter! thanks for bringing back the memory that we had. emo mode.. waa...

Lastly, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. and for opening your house to me. ;)


South Park said...

ang sarap talaga to bond with high school classmates. we do that too kahit over a quarter of a century na kaming graduate. he he he

i noticed, you always seem very happy when you meet up with your friends in Bataan. Very good!

RJ said...

What a coincidence! IV-Diamond din ako noong 4th yr highschool! Hahaha! o",)

my-so-called-Quest said...

wow! diamanteng section! hehe
di ako umaattend ng reunions. siguro, ganun ko kahate ang high school ko. hehe

happy new year!

David Edward said...

@kuya south park - hehehe.. they are my family kuya.. im closer to them kesa sa family ko. :)

@kuya Rj, section 1 din? hehehe

@ced - i know how to value my friends and i know how to hate my enemies. bwahahhaa..

South Park said...

good to hear DE. at times, friends are way closer to all of us than family.