new layout - SB Planner


as i was saying in my last post that my site is crumbled and disoriented, i took an effort to finally fix it out. and yes, i succeeded in doing that task. hehehe.. yipEe!

as you can see, BROWN is OUT. BLACK is IN.

i can be a DEVIL now.. BWAHHAHAHA..

lastly, SB has just starting their planner promo in case you want to have one - just go to the nearest SB branch and have yourself a frap or a hot drink. every cup of drink is equivalent to one sticker.

right now, i do have two. and one more good news! instead of 24 stickers like what they did last year, this 2008 you only need a total of 16 stickers! 8 stickers for special drink and 8 for regular one.

so race to one planner? hahahha.. give me two weeks! hahhaha


Noelle V. Dotillos said...

16 instead of 24? that's definitely good news! :D
maybe i'll get one of my own too. hmmmm.

Micamyx said...

Libre mo ko kape :P

MakMak said...

I already have 5 stickers. Hah!

White said...

ako wala pa. sigh.

David Edward said...

kuya mak ang daya mo! ahhaha
kuya white - kuha ka na rin.. :D
mica - libre mo naman ako. :p
noelle - yeah, 16 na lang. :D

AaronCJ said...

arrgh ang panget ng planner... panget panget talaga!

South Park said...

i've been a collector of the SB planner since it started. my record is 14 planners!

but i'm cutting this year. (1) cost; (2) fat; (3) caffeine.

and yeah...ang pangit talaga ng planner.

try checking out the moleskine 2009 diary. simple, elegant at PhP 1,099. mas mura pa even if you get the cheapest SB drinks to complete the 15 stickers (1 is free from SB).