good and bad


first the good news: i went to mendez today for my haircut and im happy with my look. satisfied. sorry that i said a wrong name when they asked me who is my stylist. i dont talk too much kasi. now i know that he's name is edgar. ^_^ sorry po. and im more comfortable now with them, before kasi i was so aloof eh, isang tanong isang sagot, all i wanna do is to have my hair done and i will be out of the place na. but now, i can say that im more relaxed.

bad news: the line in the cinema is very loongg. and i dont wanna wait. i want to be the first in line. talking about being a brat again. so what i did is i just went to this cafe and ate. and i have some problems with my laptop.

the worst: im having problems with my newly reformatted laptop - just last night. i put it back to xp - so that i can do some tweaks with the way it look - themes and icons.

im having some problems with some drivers and im not that technical in pc repair even though im a comsci grad. waaa.. so i will need to reformat it again and need to read some stuff about drivers.

im here now at netopia. downloading my drivers. my new drivers. cause i dont know which of the drivers i have had the problem.

tomorrow - i will be going to my tita in the province. i need to take a rest. and need to breath fresh air. and i will also do some reading. :D

so thats it for now! godbless everyone and happy long weekend! ill be back in the office by Thursday next week but ill be in Manila back on tuesday afternoon. see yah!


dean said...

hay! grabe nga talaga pila sa mga sinehan nung weekend...