SE W960

i wanted to have a new phone since last june of last year to replace my old p910i. its just that my beloved friends are saying some things and they are telling me not to buy a new phone since my phone is working perfectly fine. Fine. But this year, i really wanted to have a new phone, so for me not to feel deprived, after our lunch in gerry's last friday i went to Sony Ericsson shop and bought a new phone. wink wink.. and here what i got as a replacement for my p9.

and yeah, im using it now. hahaha.. but when office hours i just put it inside the locker together with some of my gadgets, because prohibited sa work ung phone na my cam. talking about security. :D

so right now, im happy with what ive got. i'll cry na lang when my bill comes home. :))


MakMak said...

Hindi picture ng phone mo yung kelangan makita. Hahahaha.

Galing galing, nakaka-inggit. Gusto ko tuloy bumili din ng bagong phone. :P

White said...

hi david. :) congrats on your new phone. i have been wanting that model of se! but have you encountered any problems so far with se w960? i heard it's not that 'ok' for a touch-based phone....