Destined to Die

yes. we all are.. At the right time and at the right moment, we will leave this place that has been our home when we journey our life.

its just a matter when and HOW we will leave this earth. i, myself dont know how i will end my journey in this earth. and am not looking forward in that very moment. i even not seeing myself getting old. but i have these dreams that i almost die. it just so happen that even in dreams i know how to PRAY. yes. im praying even in DREAMS. i just dont know how i do that, but seriously speaking, it is like REAL. totally real scenario of near death experiences.

last night was the latest. story goes like this:

i am inside a plane and after a long flight we have this stop over from this island (i relate this scene when i went back here in the country from US trip last june where we landed at Guam for a while). while we are parked at the island, i looked out on the window to check other planes that is on the airport. what i saw is that other people are free to roam around the airport while waiting for their flight while us on the other side are not allowed to leave the plane and check-out the place. then all of a sudden, we're going to leave the airport and the plane started to take off..

it was like in a snap of a finger we are taking off. some passengers are not yet on their seat nor even the seat belts are fastened. some passengers rolled over on the floor because the speed of the plane is unbelievably super fast. it was like the normal speed was tripled that time. i even remembered that my step brother was also inside the plane and he hit my foot because he was not on his seat. while i am asking and cant believe whats happening, when we reached the sky (maybe 35000 feet from the ground), the plane turned upside down and it circled 360 degrees! WTF i told myself. this isnt happening. and i just felt that the captain have no control anymore on the plane and we are hitting the ground any moment. and i just know in myself that we are all going to die in that situation. with super fast plane crashing down on the ground, its undeniably there will no survivor in that incident. what i did was PRAY. I prayed that my LORD save me from that experience. because i dont wanna die at that moment. after 5 seconds of closing my eyes and praying, i found myself in the island near the sea with half of the plane (the tail) on the island with other survivors and half of the plane sank in the sea (imagine the scene from LOST).

i dont know why i dream of these things, i even dream of demons with tails and horns. and sometimes im flying just to escape from them. but when im on this situation, i just dont forget how to PRAY even if sometimes its so hard to do and something or someone is preventing me from doing it. even saying one word from the prayers seems like hard to utter and to think. a powerful force is behind those. but i dont know who and im afraid to know and face it.

at least, even in dream I know HOW to PRAY. :D


White said...

Aw. Reading your post made me remember my own actual experience early this year. Here it is:

RJ said...

Yes, prayer is powerful! I believe that in real life you are praying harder than what you did in your dream!