need a rest..


i dont know if im just over fatigue (?) or just need a full rest. with what happened the past few days especially transferring from condo to apartment and getting all your stuff from your previous place to the new one is kinda exhausting. it is really.

from packing all of them inside the boxes and even in luggages, pulling it to the elevator, and then putting all of it in the car and then unload and get all of them again going to the third floor is really tiring. imagine doing all of these in four times to five times? going back and forth from the condo to the apartment.

and then from cleaning the house and putting your stuff into the right place is kinda weary. going to this supermarket to the another one and running to the last one. every place you go have these full plastic bags. so maybe it was really exhausting.

and last night, im not really feeling well that i just wanna rest and go home, take a bath and sleep under my comforter with the embrace of my pillows. :D

but after taking some rest last night, im still on the go. we re-arrange the stuffs in the maids slash storage room. we reassemble the cabinet from the condo to save space and also so that we can put something inside. and the stuff in the boxes they are transferred to the luggages to maximize space. its kinda okay for me that time eventhough i slept late last night because of those things that we did in the house.

and one good thing, my shoes are now in the rack! hahaha.. they are placed in six layers with 3 shoes per layer. :D ill post a picture once my camera is back to me. ;)