blogging from georgia

staying here now at georgia for the weekend. since yesterday (Friday) until now 12:35 am Sunday, i only have 2 hours of sleep. where? in the rest area at I-275 road. :(

tired and really need to have a full rest.

its a long journey from Tallahassee to here in Georgia. We left Florida at around past 12 and then took a rest at around 5:30 am in the rest area. Left at 7:30 after of what is supposed to be one hour rest but took 2 hours because of the exhausting travel.

went to Coca Cola Museum and bought a combo ticket for the Coca Cola World and the Georgia Aquarium, but been to Coca Cola Museum only in the afternoon. Java Chip Frap with one shot of espresso is what made me awake the whole day.

After the Museum, we went to Prime Outlet in North Georgia. It was really an exhausting experience because of the things that i bought - shirt, shoe, slippers, toys, watch etc.

i spent a lot of money again and dont ask me how much, okay? need to be thrifty for the next two weeks of my allowance.. whahahaha.. compute compute..

so need to rest now. pictures to post in multiply..

we'll go to the Aquarium Museum tomorrow morning and then at the mall. :D

david.edward signing off..